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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." — Jorge Luis Borges

Managing the library March 3, 2011

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Library management

  • In light of the fact my library is going to have a total make-over in the next 2-5 years, I found the new ebook Karen Bonanno recommended by a specialist in designing learning spaces, libraries in particular, to be very interesting. Our library is cavernous and can sometimes seem overwhelming, at the same time as feeling light and airy. Our library team is constantly brainstorming new ideas and wishlists as to how we’d love to see our space evolve and grow.
  • Our TL has a great way of managing physical space – he encourages everyone to put forth ideas and then act on them! My job as LT is to craft displays, digitally and physically, so I am usually at the forefront of this aspect of managing the physical space. However, our library assistants have an eye for detail (something I sorely lack) and often think outside the box (not always culturally valued in my current country) so they also play a huge role in turning ideas into reality.
  • Our library team is in a constant state of action in regards to collection management and access. Our TL is always seeking input into how we can make our collection more user-friendly and get more books and/or information into kids’ hands.
  • As our curriculum evolves and changes, so does our collection. As TL, my boss is a master of gathering information and ideas from his library team, the teachers, students and the parent body as to what we need in our collection to best support teaching and learning.

Teaching and learning information literacy

As for information literacy as a concept, this is somewhat shared between the TL, the ICT teachers and integrators and the the classroom teachers. There is some noise in our school about truly merging the ICT department and libraries in the not too distant future which should make the explicit teaching of information literacy more streamlined.

At the moment, our TL has limited time with students to share his teaching and learning skills about information literacy. He manages to squeeze in about 3-5 classes a week across the primary school, though not all of these are devoted to information literacy at it’s most specialised – sometimes he just gets the chance to kick back and relish reading aloud to a class of eager little people 🙂


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