Bec in the library

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." — Jorge Luis Borges

Responding to the Needs of Learners March 5, 2011

Which of the three models presented by Hughes-Hassell and Mancall do you feel best relates to the school library collection in your school, or a school with which you are familiar?

My school library is somewhere between the learner-centred and CAE models. I found the differences between the two models blurry, perhaps I need to read the article another couple of times.

Our TL makes a concerted effort to collaborate with all members of the school community in order to best serve the needs of the school. In particular, I think his ability to collaborate with the classroom teachers and curriculum coordinator is excellent. However, as the whole school librarian as well as the dedicated primary TL, he is a very busy person and not always able to meet with the students as much as he would like.

Our school would do well to employ another TL to help fill this void. Having more than one TL in a primary school our size (750+ kids), would mean the TL/TLs would have an even better working knowledge of learner characteristics and the teaching and learning context on a small scale. For example, our TL knows all the units of study each grade level are undertaking but unless he is able to get into the classroom while the unit is being studied, he cannot know all the tangents each unit is following (and needing to be resourced).


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