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TL role – Principal support March 7, 2011

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How do principals within your experience ‘stack up’ against this? What can you do?

In my experience, the principal is not necessarily the problem – funding is. The principal can value the TL to the moon and back but if there is no money to have a full time TL, or to have support within the library with clerical tasks which would allow the TL to do the “T” part of their job, then what is the point?

A TL can only do so much with the hours in their day, and with their reserves of emotional and physical energy. If a TL is to be as dynamic and effective as the principal envisions, then appropriate financial support needs to be given.

Some great quotes to come from Haycock, K. (2007). Collaboration: Critical success factors for student learningSchool Libraries Worldwide, 13(1), 25-35.

Skilled principals establish evaluation procedures, integrate the library in instructional programs, encourage student and teacher use, and provide flexible scheduling (Haycock, 1992).

Collaboration is not easy. But collaboration is the single professional behavior of teacher-librarians that most affects student achievement.


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