Bec in the library

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." — Jorge Luis Borges

Surely we don’t need books anymore! March 8, 2011

Consider if the print format is of diminishing significance and value in school libraries?

In all honesty, I cannot answer this question succintly or with much sense at all as my thoughts just go around and around. After having a vigourous discussion with my husband (Grade 5 teacher of 21 digital natives) about this topic, I still am no clearer. My opinion (“Of course print is not diminishing in significance and value!! Who doesn’t love and need to sit down with a good book/poster/kit/piece of realia?) is emotional and based on my personal history of loving and sharing print with family, friends, peers, colleagues and students. To see, or even contemplate, the decline of print feels like the end of my world as I know it, even as I sit on the bus each day reading the latest novel on my Kindle.

Do we need to focus more on adding digital resources to the collection, and on digital collections, to meet the needs of users?

All learners need multiple access points to information. Whether this means finding information via a picture book, looking though a hard copy encyclopedia, watching a DVD, hearing an audio book, browsing BrainPOP! or reflecting and sharing via a blog – it doesn’t matter – we need a balance of all types of resources in a collection if we are to meet the needs of all users.


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