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Who should select resources? March 8, 2011

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Consider how the teacher librarian might effectively collaborate with the school community in the selection of resources in your school or in a school with which you are familiar. Who should have the final say on what is included? Why?

Given the fact that my TL is also the Whole School TL, he has a final call on the purchasing of most resources, simply because the buck – literally and figuratively – stops with him.

However, the media services budget is allocated between the three schools with the TL in each section being given full autonomy to spend as is needed, based on that TL’s knowledge of their students’ and teachers’ needs and wants.

From what I know of how selection is done in the primary school, all classroom and specialist teachers are given opportunities to order what they need, via the TL, if the resources are to come out of the library budget. Each grade level and specialist department also have their own budget for resources. The lion’s share of resources for the primary school, however, come through the library’s “hands” as everything is catalogued no matter where it is housed in the school.

We are incredibly lucky in that there is rarely a request put in by individual teachers, students, parents or other community member for a resource that has not been immediately purchased – our budget is large 🙂

I have also outlined other suggestions as to how the TL can collaborate (and why) in the selection process in my previous post.


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