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TL role – Lamb and Johnson March 9, 2011

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How do Lamb and Johnson‘s views on the TL’s role compare and contrast with those of Purcell? What existing tasks/roles do you think you as a TL could give up  in order to be as proactive as Lamb and Johnson want you to be?

The roles overlap and are synchronistic. It feels like TLs are all things to all people and having superb people, prioritoral and delegational skills is critically important.  (Think I made up a few words there…)

I loved L&J’s emphasis on teaching and learning – that is what separates a TL from an administrative assistant/volunteer/library tech. We are teachers. We understand how children learn. Release us from tasks that don’t have that focus and delegate them to people who can be empowered by them – students, volunteers, interested staff members, trained techs. We don’t have to do everything for everyone! Give other users of the library empowerment  and ownership by allowing them to reshelve, catalogue, circulate, advertise, etc (with guidance and training).

My TL must be living in TL heaven – he has a full time library tech (myself and my job share partner) in charge of all cataloguing and advertising of events and promotions, 4 assistants who do all circulation and shelving and a PA who does much of his routine admin work! On top of this, he works in collaboration with 2 ICT integrators who take on the lion’s share (OK, perhaps all) of the ICT side of his job. He gets to focus almost solely on teaching and learning, and collection development. TL heaven indeed!


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