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TL role – Purcell March 9, 2011

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After reading Purcell’s article, think about a) whether you agree with the roles Purcell identifies and b) whether you would change the order of the roles she identifies e.g. should teacher come first?

I think Purcell beautifully summarises the complex nature of a TL. She clearly outlines the interrelatedness of the 5 roles – leader, instructional partner, teacher, information specialist and program administrator and shows how they cannot be successfully performed in isolation.

I felt that the ordering of the roles was spot on as being both a leader and an instructional partner focus on collaboration, encouraging all stakeholders to bring their knowledge and skills to the table for the betterment of teaching and learning.

Purcell’s point about clearly articulating the TL role to the whole community was pivotal. I believe most teachers and administrators still believe TLs are all about the books.


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