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Acquisition March 22, 2011

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Kennedy thoughts

Acquisitions from afar – my thoughts are that you MUST be in the library so you know the clientele on an informal basis too, not just the summary a TL would send an outsourcing company or going on past orders – curriculum changes all the time, everyone involved in the selection and acquisition of resources must keep current their knowledge of what is being taught and learnt in the school on a daily basis. If you already have a set of suppliers that satisfy your needs, why outsource this part of collection development?

Watch for digital overlap when buying databases in a package and/or series online and hard copy.

When it comes to cataloguing, thank god for SCIS, WorldCat and Amazon 🙂 !

Our school divvies up the “once it arrives” part – admin assist does payment and follow up, library assist does cataloguing and organising of serials, library techs do cataloguing, library assists do end processing

Skills: knowledge of book trade (reliability of supplier, time of shipping from each supplier, knowledge of publishers, saving time and money)

Checklists for suppliers (pg 72): what is their record with the following (KEY FOR ASSIGNMENT!)

  • customer service
  • financial matters
  • speed of supply
  • automation
  • range of supply
  • specialist services
  • servicing
  • problem solving

Licensing has a big impact on equity of access to information – who can use it? Where can they use it? How long can they use it for? How much hardware do we have on which to run the licensed product? Does the amount of hardware impact on whether the product will get used? Can the product only be used on the actual computer/Kindle/ipad  it was downloaded to or can it be used anywhere on anything, as long as you have the password? To ensure the product is used by as wide a range of students as possible, for the widest range of uses possible, this is a REALLY important question.

Quotes useful for this topic and to keep in mind for the assignment

Sites such as those that assist in the finding/purchasing arrangements that can save money should be an inclusion in the acquisition process even if only to be used as leverage when dealing with suppliers.(Gaye Franklin – forum)

…best involving a matrix of most efficient, most accessible, most affordable, most reliable, best quality, best service, most convenient and most desirable. (Kirsten Ealand – forum)


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