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Thoughts on copyright April 12, 2011

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I didn’t realise that, in Australia, copyright exists the minute the idea hits the paper. So interesting! – common misconceptions

A question I have is – if you reference the work, does that mean you AREN’T breaching copyright?

What about blogs?! Do you treat blogs – your own and that of your students – like an academic paper and reference sources or do you need to ask permission of the author/maker before you put something someone else made on your blog? What about embedding YouTube videos on blogs? If a YT video is on YT, do we assume it is copyright free?!

Just read about the 10% rule – seems like most blog posts wouldn’t ever need to use more than 10% of any given source so I think we’re sorted there.

Didn’t get an answer to my YT issue by reading the film section of Smartcopying…

I was intrigued by the concept of the Co-Curricular Licence – I always knew it seemed a bit dodgy to show the kids a film on inside days when the screen flashed up “not for public use”. Now I can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief knowing there is a way around it.

My school…

VHS to DVD – VHS formated resources needed to be tranfered to DVD in order to be used but that breached copyright if the title has since been published in DVD. Major outlay for the school. Rectified somewhat by joining clickview. (Which, by the way, is a REVELATION! How awesome is it that we can just access all those great resources online?! Saves a bunch of room in the TR area.) Potential problem occurs when we have unreliable internet connection thanks to government censorship.

As an international school in a country with NO copyright laws – or if there is, they are flouted terribly – what is our stance? What should it be? Are we protected by any governing body or is the onus on our own set of principles?

The educational licences set out by Smartcopying are very generous and give schools lots of scope to use what they need and when. But how can we use them, as an international school? We aren’t being part of any CAL survey. We don’t pay fees to CAL. Hmmmm, some big questions for my TL today!

Other important or interesting copyright related resources


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