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Funding April 21, 2011

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Ah, the crux of all library programmes – the budget.

How much, on what, where from and when?

Key words:

  • advocacy – be clear and detailed in what you need and the reasons WHY you need them; if the school budget won’t stretch to what you need, and you’ve fought hard with evidence, find other ways to get the cash – be a ‘thinker’.
  • accountability – once you get the cash, SHOW what you have done with it and why it was such a fabulous idea to pour money into the library – STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT and INTEREST

Key elements to consider:

  • planning – what is the purpose and outcomes of the budget process? What do you want to achieve with this budget?
  • management – who is buying what for what department? Who does the buck – literally and figuratively – stop with? Whose hands does the budget go through for vetoing?
  • control – how is the budget helping you meet your financial targets?
Lamb and Johnson’s article
  • collaborator – it’s not all about the library, it’s about PEOPLE – get a grip on the needs/goals of the wider school community and see how you can support and further those goals
  • steward – be a responsible purchaser and leader who understands the needs of the whole school
  •  thinker – make the most of what is available; be creative in where the money comes from and how it is spent; how can you work with other departments to best use all of your money?
  • it’s not just about the books! There are other areas the money needs to be spent:
    • salaries and benefits for professionals and staff
    • facilities and their operations and maintenance
    • capital items such as new and replacement equipment and furniture

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