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It’s a tool, not the whole point! May 2, 2011

Filed under: ETL 401: Topic 4 — becinthelibrary @ 2:34 am

Whilst discussing the difference in the role of a TL and an ICT integrator in my school (yes, we have BOTH!) my TL made an invaluable point that has only just now resonated with me (3 weeks after the initial discussion): ICT integrators figure out how to USE the TOOL (ipad, piece of software, article of hardware, etc) and TLs figure out how to USE the INFORMATION that is found using the tool.

Isn’t that such a wonderful way of thinking about IL too?

IL isn’t about the tool, it’s about what you FIND using the tool.

Yippee that our kids can use Facebook, Twitter and blogs to find and share information. Great that our kids can use cameras, imovie, garageband, ipads and other web 2.0 tools to present their findings. All these are wonderful skills and end process in themselves. BUT, they are not the point of being information literate.

It’s all about how the information they have found whilst using these tools has transformed their life, changed their thinking, changed the way a person thinks, feels or acts that is the point of IL.

How has finding out that information made a difference to their life? If a person has (to paraphrase Abilock), found, understood, evaluated and used information in various forms to create personal, social or global purposes, then they have proven themselves information literate, not just TOOL LITERATE.

I’m SO pumped about this little revelation and how it has changed my own thinking about IL. Now to find a way to make this realisation a reality in the classroom/library. Mmmm, not so easy.


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