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Lessons I’ve learnt in academic blogging… May 24, 2011

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So, what do I need to remember about using a blog as a learning and reflection tool, especially when these reflections need to be part of an assignment?

This post will be updated as I remember new things 😛

1. USE THE BLOG! I realised, upon writing Part C of my final 401 assignment, just how helpful it would have been to actually write down FULLY the lessons I was learning as I went, instead of letting them zoom around my head. So now I will. (24/5/2011)

2. Put the relevant readings under each blog post, if relevant, using the APA style. Much easier to cut and paste when using it in an assignment rather than searching through folders on EBSCO or trawling the net trying to find that great site used for one little reference! (24/5/2011)

3. At the start of each subject, go through each module and cut and paste the full reference for each essential reading. This will make it SO MUCH EASIER when adding references to assignments and/or finding a particularly good reference at the point of need instead of trawling through the modules while in the mad-dash process of writing an assignment. (28/5/2011)


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