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Social networking project proposal December 8, 2011

For my first assignment for INF506 – social networking for information professionals – I am writing a case study on how social networking is, or can be, used to meet the information needs of a group of people.

Given my passion for blogging in the upper primary school, and seeing it work so amazingly, I knew that my interests lay in this area. Below is my proposal and I cannot wait to find out the results, regardless of the mark I receive!

Social networking project proposal

1. Social networking technologies to be used

This case study focuses on blogs created in wordpress but hosted on a school server and also incorporates, but is not limited to, learners using Skype, Type with Me and school media servers.

2. Proposed title of project

The enablers and challenges for effective use of blogging in primary school classrooms using one-to-one laptops.

3. Brief description of your project including information, learning, social or organisational needs, problems or concerns to be addressed

Based on best-practice research into the educational benefits of blogging, Grades 3,4 and 5 at my international primary school have recently started using blogging as a major vehicle of instruction, reflection, collaboration and communication. The students and teachers do this through their “digital desks”, utilizing a one-to-one laptop programme. Investigating the reasons behind the wide variances in how and why teachers and students are using their digital desks is the main focus of this project.

4. Expected outcomes of your project

This project has multiple expected outcomes:

  • to more explicitly and widely share with the school community as a whole, the “value add” aspects of blogging to teacher practice and student learning that the school administration and individual teachers already know and understand;
  • to provide the school with a roadmap for effective future professional development to combat the challenges teachers and upper primary students face in the area of blog based learning, and
  • providing the teaching staff with multiple resources – human, theoretical and technological – that can help ensure the continuation of effective ‘enabling’ strategies in the area

5. Project plan – list the major steps required to complete this project with resources required (include human resources here) along with a projected timeline.

Date Activity
Dec 5th – 11th Contact participants

Write project proposal

Write list of initial questions to find out enablers and challenges for teachers and students based on current research

Dec 12th – 18th Submit proposal

Interview participants in team meeting at school

Design student homework task

Give teachers homework task

Write survey monkey and post link to teachers

Begin writing reference list and bibliography of existing literature

Dec 19th – 25th Gather, analyse and synthesise homework task data

Analyse and synthesise interview data

Design new or revise existing questions as follow up to homework task

Find more resources for reference list and bibliography

Dec 26th – Jan 1st Gather, analyse and survey data

Design new or revise existing questions as follow up to survey monkey

Jan 2nd – 8th Start writing literature review based on initial findings

Start writing preliminary findings

Jan 9th – 15th Final interview (via Skype) with teachers (by end of school Tuesday 10th)

Gather, analyse and interview data

Finish writing findings

January 16th Submit assignment



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