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INF506 module 2 reading and links December 21, 2011




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Walsh, A. (2009). Quick response codes and libraries, Library Hi Tech News26(5/6), pp.7-9. Available from Emerald Full-text Database
Mashups – combining two types of social media into one, like a flickr feed into FB

Implications of mash-ups

Social networking (what a great, clear explanation for how business can respond using social media)

Recommended readings about social networking

Steckerl, S. (2007). Survival guide: Online social networking. FUMSI, (September). Retrieved from – a good guide to social networking for information professionals

Chapman, C. (2009). Social network design: Examples and best practices. Smashing Magazine, (13 July). Retrieved from – an excellent overview of social networking site design principles and features.

Thompson, D. (2011). Infographic: What the Largest Social Media Companies Are Worth, The Atlantic, May 25. Retrieved from – gives you an indication of the nature of ecomonic growth of social networks as businesses!
RSS feeds
Gaming and 3D virtual worlds
Helmer, J., & Learning Light (2007). Second Life and virtual worlds Available from
Dede, C. (2009). Immersive interfaces for engagement and learning,
Science, 323(5910), 66-69. Retrieved from;323/5910/66.pdf
Photo and video hosting

Communications: VoIP and web conferencing, B. (2010). Web Conferencing Tools: Right for You? (How to pick a package that meets your nonprofit’s needs). TechSoup, (12 February). Retrieved from


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