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OLJ task: RSS December 23, 2011

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My personal RSS feeds

Find two (2) additional examples of ‘RSS in action’, and develop a 350 word post to your OLJ on how RSS can enhance a library or information service’s ability to meet the information needs of its users.

This topic gets me so excited! The ease of how information comes to you via RSS feeds without any need for searching, downloading or filtering (once you done the initial set up) feels revolutionary to me. On my own PLN journey, I have found so many blogs by articulate, interesting, knowledgeable information professionals but the thought of keeping them organised and up to date was quite overwhelming. I asked my ever-knowledgeable tech-savvy husband and he told me about the RSS widget that allows other people’s RSS’ to appear on my blog. Score!

School libraries are meant to be the hub of learning for all facets of the school community – parents, teachers and students alike. As a primary librarian, finding relevant RSS feeds to meet the needs of my students is not a high priority. However, assisting teachers to organise their RSS feeds into one place is a vital service I can provide for them. This could be done through the library blog as a widget where I would subscribe to a variety of feeds that I know different teachers are interested in or, alternatively, I can show teachers how to set up personally relevant feeds straight to their mailbox (we’re a Mac school so we use Mac mail – so easy to get your RSS’s straight to mail). Teachers are notoriously time poor. This differentiation and personalisation would certainly make a teacher’s life easier, giving them access to the right type of information, ‘just in time’. It would also allow for teachers to follow their own interests, at their own pace.

*EDIT 2nd Feb – thought I’d just show you my latest RSS feeds, some professional, some personal*

Additional to using RSS feeds for professional development, there are several sites that offer up feeds for basic things like lesson plans and assessment tasks. As I’m not entirely sure how I can keep track of these for teachers using a common space such as the library blog, this is an area of exploration for me. The easiest way to start will be to facilitate individual teachers finding RSS feeds to match their current curriculum.

An example of my own RSS feed for lesson plans and assessment tasks.

*EDIT – 2nd Feb: after finally getting around to Module 4 two days before our final asssignment is due, I found FriendFeed. THIS is a great way to store all those RSS and Twitter feeds in one place. Whoo hoo!*



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