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OLJ Task: delicious December 24, 2011

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Write a short evaluation (no more than 350 words) of your use of Delicious as a social bookmarking tool

Strengths (including how schools could use delicious effectively)

  • Easy to add links using the “+” button
  • The arrow icon which opens the actual link into a new tab is really helpful so you know what you are adding before you actually add it
  • The share button on the right of each link is easy to use, helping to make sharing more likely. The information spreads faster: GOAL!
  • The 1000 word limit in the description field means the user recommending or adding the link has the opportunity to be explicit and give many examples or reasons why the link is useful. The more reasons listed, the more likely students are going to want to use the link
  • Adding tags to the link as you share it is a great way to widen the folksonomy and open the information to a bigger audience
  • The Stacks feature is a great way to organise your links by topic. This would be extremely useful for a primary librarian who is helping resource units of inquiry for teachers and students. A one stop shop with a media preview for each link on the front page of each article in each stack is so user friendly. Adding links to your stacks is also super easy.

Areas for improvement (including how schools could find delicious frustrating)

  • Trying to get access! Cannot get reliable access behind the Great Fire Wall of China; renders this awesome service basically unusable
  • Extremely annoying that when you try to add a link that someone else recommended, their description of the link isn’t included. I imagine this will make it less effective, and more time consuming, for students/teachers to add great links to their account with ease. A solution is to copy and paste the description the last linker gave, remembering to include the name of the linker to preserve intellectual property.
  • Clunky to find other people’s links and stacks – too many clicks, no easy navigation
  • EDIT (FEB 1st 2012) Since the introduction of more collaboration tools, there are more ways you can get your message out to more users. However, this sits in the “AFI” section because I’ve fiddled with the new features and STILL find it extremely annoying that I can’t find a way for people to add to my Stacks. Can anyone help me?


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