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Blogger MIA! February 1, 2012

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So, February 1st is action day for this blogger. Posts are coming thick and fast. Why?

Because I’ve been MIA, stuck up in my own head, recovering from one of the most stressful university assignments known to man. For this little duck who detests academia, the concept of educational research is a true mind bender (I’m sure you could easily substitute the real word I’m thinking of here).

My last blog post before today’s flurry was Christmas Eve. In the meantime, whilst ‘becinthelibrary’ gathers dust, I HAVE been busy in the SN world, just very quietly and inbetween whacking out my INF506 case study and a big ole critical analysis of educational research methods. Also managed to flit between 2 countries, battle some nagging and persistent health issues and live for the better part of 4 weeks at my in-laws house whilst doing all this…

Here are the links to my forays into the SN world during January:

Virtually Schools facebook page – a FB page where I collect articles and blog posts from educators around the world who are innovating in the area of educational technology. I’m using it as a starting point for teachers who want to have some of their resources for their own PLNs but not sure how to make their own. I’ve got 5 likers so far. Just have to keep spreading the word and making sure I have relevant, engaging and CURRENT content!

My delicious stacks – you will see that most of these stacks are attachment parenting (AP) related, something extremely close to my heart and a ‘service’ I will share with my facebook AP communities as soon as all stacks have reached the 5 link minimum. I’m also super excited that one of my stacks comes up as a ‘featured stack’ when using ‘positive parenting’ as a search word. (OK, this seems like a no-brainer but it gave me such a boost!) Some of the stacks are library and/or edu tech related and I have one follower for one of these stacks. I get very excited by small achievements, you see!


2 Responses to “Blogger MIA!”

  1. […] of delicious. Above and beyond that, however, is the ‘off topic’ work I participated in during January. The exploration of FriendFeed (incorporating my burgeoning use of Twitter) and delicious, along […]

  2. […] power. I love the idea of teachers using the page I created – virtually schools – as a lead in to their own learning; a place where they can discuss and share ideas. I am planning on offering my services as ‘PLN […]

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