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INF506: Module 4, readings and links 2 February 1, 2012

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Module 4: Making Web 2.0 work for your organisation
Examples of Web 2.0 working for libraries & info agencies

Relevant readings: for schools

  1. support library vision building process or
  1. to present library research pathfinders

The main concern I have with all social media used by educationalists is the concept of “just another thing to do”. How can we – the provider of information services –  effectively help teachers feel connected to, and regularly use, social media without it seeming like another task they have to add to their ‘to-do’ list? I believe the key is relevance, and using tools they already use in their everyday life. Jeff, “The Thinking Stick” man has cottoned onto this and runs regular workshops for his staff showing them how to better use their iphones, ipads, androids and the like for THEIR PERSONAL LIFE. His proposal is that once teachers feel comfortable using social media for their own purposes, they are more likely to incorporate it into their teaching. Genius. Dempsey (below) references this to students, citing personalisation, socialization and location awareness as key factors for engagement with library/web 2.0 but at the primary level, it’s the teachers who need this.

Relevant readings: for other library settings

Relevant readings: examples of using folksonomies, tagging and crowdsourcing in libraries

Wow! This whole concept completely blows my mind – in a good way! What a fabulous idea; harnessing the power of many interested and invested volunteers to give extended access to information to the masses. Brilliant. I wonder how our primary library can utilise this? How can our school benefit from this? What is sitting in back rooms that should be dusted off and used? What could we use our extremely involved parent group to crowdsource? How could we use crowdsourcing to maximise staff PLNs – is this even a viable use of crowdsourcing?

In my personal life, I think the way users interact with each other and the information on is very similar. My family have found so many new sources of information about our ancestors thanks to tagging done by strangers. Candace Taylor-Weber’s wiki for parents on the go is also another great example of crowdsourcing (based on Library 2.0’s criteria anyway). So many doors have already opened for me now that I know there are great kid-friendly options that have been tried and tested in the destinations I am most likely to travel.

Relevant readings: libraries and information professionals in 3D virtual worlds

Relevant readings: teaching about and with social media

[Ah Joyce, how I love you! Valenza, as usual, puts into perspective how we can use new developments in the social media world within our classrooms and schools as a whole. Reading this set off a series of “A’ha! I must do this” for me which is both exciting and totally overwhelming. Where to start? Big breath and I realise that I must start small; ruminate, experiment on my own first then take the reflection and lessons I’m learning on my personal journey and use it to inform others. This article really can be used as a checklist, if refined to suit the needs of your own users. I’ll be saving this and referring to it often.]

[Not information overload: filter failure. this is the big take away for me from this article. Almost all my posts recently have been centring on the theme of “how do I make all the information my staff need in their PLNs easily accessible and NOT overwhelming or as a task delegated to the “hard thing that I have to find yet more time to complete” basket. Surely effective filtering is the key. I will be making this my priority in my own learning journey so I believe it is the most relevant skill I can bring to the staff.]

Interesting websites: teaching about and with social media


Relevant readings: Developing a social networking marketing strategy

Michael Duvall’s post ’27 of the Most Comprehensively Compiled Social Media Guides’


Select two (2) guides which can help inform your organisation’s utilisation of social media. Bookmarked through delicious.

Getting Started with Social Media – A Guide and Resource List

A Pocket Guide to Social Media and Kids


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