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INF506: module 4 readings and links February 1, 2012

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Module 4: Making Web 2.0 work for your organisation

Part 1: 

Social media, social networking and libraries: Why bother?

Relevant readings

  • Brookover, S. (2007). Why we blog, Library Journal, 15 November. Retrieved from [Goes into great detail about how blogging can revolutionise libraries, especially as a tool to communicate with, and better meet the needs of patrons.]
  • Casey, M. & Stephens, M. (2009). You can’t afford not to do these things, Library Journal, 15 March. Retrieved from [ In the face of tightening purse strings, this article looks at creative ways to keep up morale and help libraries stay relevant. Interesting reading but didn’t find it particularly relevant to primary libraries.]
  • Andy Burkhardt’s post Four Reasons Libraries Should be on Social Media  (August 25, 2009). [communication, responsiveness, marketing, connection with patrons’ needs]

Relevant online articles/blogs

Response to Module questions

Which of these tools and trends has already impacted on your library or organisation?

  • library website socialised and customised, especially with the creation of the wordpress library blog
  • virtual shelves within the LMS (Destiny) being used in the same vein as Shelfari

Which of these tools and trends have been discussed by people within your library or organisation as having potential in supporting its goals?

  • ebooks
  • online referencing such as endnote and bibme

Which of these tools and trends have not yet hit your library or organisation’s radar?

  • most of them! To my mind, many of these tools are not appropriate for primary aged children, some because of age restictions and some just because they do not meet the information needs of 3-11 year olds!
  • However, and this perfectly encapsulates my learning recently, the STAFF need these trends. The concept of PLNs is so exciting to me – the discussion of it, the implementation of it, the maintenance of it. How can I as a library professional help the school staff become savvy with the tools that will help THEM give their students access to more, and better, information?

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