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OLJ: develop a draft marketing strategy for your organisation February 1, 2012

Outline (in 350 words) how you can apply these ideas to develop a draft marketing strategy for your organisation.

First, let’s be very clear about what a marketing strategy would look like when your ‘product’ is an educational experience, not a physical artifact or object. To my mind,  my client base is the teachers I collaborate with and my goal is to get those teachers using a variety of SN tools to more effectively engage their students in the information literacy journey.

As with any big project, one first find out the needs and wants of the target audience. So, in my case, there are some key questions that must be answered before any marketing strategy is devised.

  • What do the teachers want and need from their use of social media when using it with their students?
  • Knowing that people will most likely only ever start from where they are comfortable, what skills and experience do the teachers already have with various social networking tools?
  • What do *I* have to learn before I can effectively facilitate the learning of others?

Next comes the synthesis and evaluation of the data to find out who needs and wants what. Further questions to help guide this section of the process could be:

  • How can I differentiate both the tools and the instruction for individual teachers?
  • What is the purpose behind the use of each tool that I propose to use?
  • How is this purpose backed by current research/practice in like schools?
  • What are the ways I can help teachers find ways to translate their personal SN use and knowledge to the classroom?
  • Teachers are already super busy – how can I outline the benefits of using SN without adding to their ‘to do’ list?

I know most teachers at my school would be fit into multiple rungs of Bernoff and Li’s ladder, especially  as conversationalists and spectators. There is a small percentage that are strong creators (along with 100% of our Grade 3-5 student blog creators). I am going to go out on a fairly strong limb and say that due to our school’s heavy emphasis on educational technology, NONE of my client base are ‘inactive’.  What a wonderful place to continue the journey to SN use in education!


Josh Bernoff & Charlene Li’s Groundswell excerpt, followed by their post Social Technographics: Conversationalists get onto the ladder (19 January, 2010). In particular explore the different behaviours of social networkers articulated in their ladder.




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