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Social media for primary students – a collection of examples February 1, 2012

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I’m creating a collection of social media examples used by primary teachers and students. This entry will be updated as regularly as I can find new content!

[Use this! Share this! Show teachers, colleagues, parents, admin, STUDENTS – let them in on the ‘why’]

[OK, this could throw up a few curlies, not least the FB age restriction of 13+ being bypassed by the teacher setting up the page, but it is certainly food for thought and a great example of a teacher translating her personal learning journey into her classroom – something we can all do more of! The prezi at the end of the article also answers a lot of the critical questions most of you are wondering about.]


October 2014

These guys are a one-stop shop for all things blogging for primary/elementary aged students. You WILL NOT find a better app suite for creation and communication for young learners. These are simply outstanding!


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