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ETL504: Module 1, organisational theory March 1, 2012

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Required reading

Bennett, N. (2001). Power, structure and culture : an organizational view of school effectiveness and school improvement. In A. Harris & N. Bennett (Eds.), School effectiveness and school improvement : alternative perspectives (pp. 98-122). London : Continuum.

 Response to reading

Dense, heavy reading that didn’t resonate with me because I didn’t understand most of it. The one take-away: all organisations are made up of members who have the right to feel powerful and enact change for the betterment of all, given the right resources, at the right time.

Forum activity: On the sub-forum, discuss how a TL, in a school with which you may be familiar, may view their school as an organisation.  Sometimes schools are regarded as being somehow different than other organisations we are usually familiar with.  Should this be the case?

I think that perhaps because we don’t have titles such as CEO in schools, schools cannot be seen as organisations. However, this is simply untrue. Schools are comprised of people, members of a community that all have a stake in how the place is run and perceived. Therefore there are various levels of real and perceived power within and between individuals, all competing to achieve personal or communal goals and aims. As a TL who has access to all grade levels, all teachers and many other stakeholders in the school, we are in a position to influence, educate and inform. Let’s use that to make schools better! This strengthens my argument for TL visibility; alongside some specialist teachers and admin, we are the only ones who teaches across the school but we can’t make a difference unless we put ourselves out there.


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