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ETL 504, Module 5: Strategic planning July 25, 2013

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Required reading

Davies, B. J. & Davies, B. (2005), ‘The strategic dimensions of leadership’

Reading response

Required reading

Welch, L. (2006), ‘Groundwork’.

Reading response

Required reading

Beare, H. (2001), ‘Building a manifesto for the school as a provider’.

Reading response

Beare’s article certainly resonated with me as a member of staff at an international school which could be considered a version of a charter school as we are board operated and have no curriculum or funding links to a government. We have full rights and responsibilities to run the school as we wish, in line with our mission and board dictated budget lines. As an educator who only spent a year in the Australian government system, I don’t really have much to compare to. I like the way our school is run, the autonomy we have to teach and learn in the way we believe is best and not mandated by an outside source.

The trap I believe many similar profile international schools have is that this autonomy COULD lead to a lack of direction and/or curriculum foundation. This is certainly the case in many company-owned (for profit) and run schools who are operated at a financial level by businessmen, not educators.

I also LOVED the example of Fitzroy North as I did a teaching round there when I was in uni and it truly was a fabulous school.

Great blueprint for starting to write your own vision statement is also included.

Required reading

Balnaves, P. A. (1998), Appendix C, in Strategic planning guide for self-managing schools.

Reading response

Oh I love me some diagrams! This appendix is a GREAT visual tool to help “see” the process of strategic planning. I’ll be using this one for my assignment!

NB: Just noticed the irony in our second assignment – create a vision statement for the way your library will look in 3 years. But do this alone. Create the vision statement that concerns every single member of your school, ALONE. Ha! Every single reading we have bangs on about collaboration and sharing/co-creating the vision and then we write one on our own. Of course I understand it’s just theoretical and we are learning about the PROCESS but I still find it amusing.

Vision mission and goals resources


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