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ETL505 Module 1 readings/references July 25, 2013

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Module 1: The need for information resource description

ANDS (2011). ANDS and Data Storage. Retrieved from
Cunningham, A. (2007). Digital curation/digital archiving: a view from the National Archives of Australia. Paper presented at the DigCCurr 2007 conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Retrieved from

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Hank, C., & ; Davidson, J. (2009). International Data curation Education Action (IDEA) Working Group: A Report from the Second Workshop of the IDEA. D-Lib Magazine, 15(3/4). Retrieved from doi:doi:10.1045/march2009-hank

Harvey, R. (2010). Digital curation: A how to do it manual. New York. Neal Shuman Publishers Inc.

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Higgins, S. (2011). Digital curation: The emergence of a new discipline. International Journal of Digital Curation, 6(2), 78-88. Retrieved from

John, J. L., Rowlands, I., Williams, P., & Dean, K. (2010). Digital lives: Personal digital archives for the 21st century>> an initial synthesis. Retrieved from

Ray, J. (2009). Sharks, digital curation, and the education of information professionals. Museum Management and Curatorship, 24, 357-368.

Walters, T., & Skinner, K. (2011). New roles for new times: Digital curation for preservation. Retrieved from


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