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Searching, searching, searching… August 22, 2013

ETL505 Module 2 – tools and systems

Search engines

Regardless of how effective other forms of information organisation and retrieval are, kids still rely on google, first and foremost.

Never mind the fact that our library has outstanding databases that have been thoroughly researched and written to be appropriate, kids still go to what is easiest and what they really do believe is going to be easiest. Grrr!

To be honest, I also blame the teachers! I see how little emphasis they put on our collection of databases and how easily they let kids rely on Mr Google, even without teaching them how to search EFFECTIVELY. We have a long way to go before our students are web learners instead of just web searchers.


Wowsers, spam tagging! I had never heard of that phrase before but it certainly explains some of the very dodgy hits I get occasionally when I use search engines!

Search by image?! Oh. how. cool. is. that?!

Screen shot of my "search by image" in Google

Screen shot of my “search by image” in Google

While my search didn’t bring up anything as cool as the Google intro video, I still love the concept. It would be extremely handy if you wanted to help someone identify a place or animal.

Music search engines

What rock have I been hiding under that I haven’t been utilising Pandora?! Created a “station” using the search tag of U2 and that came up in the playlist caused me to squeal with delight! Maybe I was doing it wrong but I couldn’t see the search box for a specific song, just an artist/genre/composer.

Spotify required me to sign up and while I could access most of the site, my computer lacked some kind of plug in or player to use the site to it’s fullest.

To be honest, if I’m looking up a song, I really like Shazam. Granted, you have to HEAR the song to use the app but at least the result is instantaneous.


‘Search engines’, pp. 53-54, of Hider, P. (2012). Information resource description. London: Facet.


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