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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." — Jorge Luis Borges

Getting my feet wet January 21, 2014

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Post 2 – Making my mark

(Post 1 – school overview)

During my time in the school – acting as a substitiue teacher for both the lower elementary TL and the upper elementary TL (yes, they have TWO FULL TIME teacher librarians!!) – I  participated in the following teaching and learning opportunities:

  • teaching every grade from EC3 through Grade 5 (EC3, 4 & K were simply reading and helping to navigate the library itself; G1-2 were fractured fairytales; G3 was non-fiction text features (table of contents and index), G4 was fractured fairytales ; G5 was trickster tales).
  • sitting in on a school wide department meeting.
  • reshelving books, AV, teacher resources
  • circulation for students and teachers
  • creation of teacher resource pack on the use of Bonnie Campbell Hill’s reading continuum
  • weeding a part of the non-fiction collection (right from taking from the shelves to deleting from the catalogue to boxing them up for shipping to the Philipines)
  • placing an order for next year’s books on Follett’s online ordering website
  • creating and then pulling titles for resource lists (winter festivals, Chinese New Year)

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