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TL role statement March 9, 2011

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Role Description – Teacher-Librarian-1

If your school has a teacher librarian role statement compare it with these statements. What are the similarities and differences, and foci to those presented in the above international, national and state-based statements?

Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians

Statement on teacher librarian qualifications


Accountability and research March 7, 2011

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There is a need to remember that it is impossible for a teacher librarian to continually add new elements to his or her role. One teacher librarian cannot fulfil all elements in a large school – something must go. Priorities must be set. Educational considerations should come first!

How might a teacher librarian might make his or her priorities both clear and palatable to the school community?

This goes back to collaboration and a clear understanding of the TL role AS YOUR SCHOOL SEES IT. My first step would be to discuss my role with the admin team (principal, AP, curriculum co-ordinator) – they have the power to shape my budget, my timetable and my priorities based on their own values, beliefs and judgements of the TL role. This would be the time and place for me to put forward my own ideas about my role and be my best advocate. We could see how our views marry, or jar, and then work from there.

Once this basic premise has been set, and I have the admin on board (as much as possible), I would ask for a staff meeting where I can best show/use my skills and how they can boost student achievement and make teachers’ lives easier – surely that is a win/win?!

From this base – admin and teachers covered – I would do everything in my power to put in as much ‘face time’ as I could in the library during breaks and lessons so the students get physically used to me. As my informal relationships and interactions with students increase, I could then use and show my skills to individual students, or groups, whilst they are working on projects.

These ideas are based strongly on the positive impact my current TL has on the school as a whole. He demonstrates all these techniques and it WORKS so I have a great model to work from 🙂


Online support for TLs

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OZTL_NET website has revolutionised my thinking and sense of “how the bloody hell are we supposed to do this?!”

The support and level of quality professional discussion is second to none. I’m so grateful to my TL for pointing me in the right direction, even before I started reading this module. I already have a great source of information and supplies for my 503 assignment thanks to a post I put up on the listserv recently.

At some point, with all my spare time, I’ll get around to checking out the following TL networking sites.

Some examples of professional discussion lists and Web 2.0 spaces include:


loving the learning

continuing tales of a teacher librarian

PE to TL - The Journey Begins!

Reflections and thoughts on ETL401.


This site is the bee's knees