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E-books (selection) March 8, 2011

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List the issues raised in this comprehensive chapter concerning the selection and acquisition and discuss using the sub-forum for this section.

  • e-reference/e-textbook updates – included? price of? separate volumes or new edition?
  • e-monographs in series – release dates? communication of new releases? cost – series or each part?
  • perpetual ownership – higher price means long term ownership: is it worth it?
  • evaluation e-books – availability of previewing of each e-book depends on publisher and aggregator
  • patron-driven selection and pay per view – could mean more authentic use of e-books as you only pay for what patrons are actually viewing
  • aggregators – great for busy TLs but some limitations due to publisher hold back on popular titles
  • single use or multiple use access – what is the resource being used for determines if the resource should be single or multiple use. Multiple use is up to 50% more expensive but is a cost that must be borne if the title is to be used by many students at once (group reading/research for example)
  • archiving and continued/perpetual access
  • workflows and cataloguing – new challenges and new systems
  • licensing

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