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Keeping Follett honest (a study in ordering) January 21, 2014

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OK, so it’s not quite that dramatic but I was taught a few great tips on making sure your library order through Follett goes smoothly and all your money is wisely spent!

Step 1 – Create a wishlist (offline) of needed titles

  • Revisit your curriculum documents to see if there are any new units that need resourcing
  • Ask teachers and students for requested titles
  • Run a Titlewave Collection Analysis to see if there are any holes or replacements that need to added
  • Ensure plenty of Panda Book (etc) titles copies
  • Refer to list of repaired/broken titles

Step 2 – Shop, shop, shop and fill your cart with goodies! Make separate carts for the individual areas of the library (ECB, SPB, NF, EY etc)

Step 3 – Cross check Follett’s “Books you already own/may already have” list to make sure you really do need additional copies of the titles.

Step 4 – Run a “duplicates” check across your list/s

Step 5 – Check for “bindings” – limit/filter out non-intentional paperbacks, spirals, board books, toys, ebooks

Step 6 – Filter by “interest level” to ensure that the books are appropriate for each list/collection



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