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Selection and the school context March 8, 2011

Consider how you as a teacher librarian could best obtain the data needed to provide a clear and specific understanding of these aspects of your school and current collection? Is it a task that you, as teacher librarian, could be expected to undertake alone?

It is my belief that effective and successful teacher librarians do not select resources for teaching and learning alone as this is not collaboration based practice. A teacher librarian cannot be expected to intimately know every single unit of inquiry or stand alone language/math unit – the TL requires the knowledge of classroom and specialist teachers to give them support in this area.


  • ask all grade levels to go through their POI and stand alone planners, then create a top 10/20/100/whatever number resources wish list for each unit (after they have combed though the existing resource lists created by the LTs to ensure no double ups and to fill gaps). Having it in priority order will help if the budget is tight
  • ask LTs and/or library assistants to go through resource lists and library records to assess numbers of resources catalogued against each unit and/or what has been borrowed recently to show popularity of resources
  • ask parents, teachers and students to give suggestions as to what they love about our collection and what they’d like to see more of

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